• Surface Lots/Driving Areas: Power sweeping/vacuuming the entire lot effectively picks up sand, glass, bottles, cigarettes, paper, leaves and other common debris.

  • Corners: Itís not clean unless the corners are clean! We will sweep out all curblines and corners, giving your property that clean, crisp look that tells your customers that details are important to you! 

  • Sidewalks: Keeping sidewalks free of cans, glass, cigarette butts, and other debris creates a professional appearance for your property and ensures a safe, accident-free surface for your customers.

  • Perimeters: Keeping your islands and grassy areas clean is an important part of our total sweeping package. S & K Building Services will ensure all perimeter areas are free of debris to create a professional appearance.

  • Trash Cans: S & K will maintain your trash cans. We will empty and reline your trash cans on a regular basis to enhance your propertyís overall exterior appearance, and to eliminate undesirable factors related to poor sanitation practices: odors, insects, overflow.